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Country Home 18x24  1977  copy.jpg

"Country Home"   20" x 30"

Fishin' Hole 20x30  163  1977  .jpg

"Fishing Hole"   20" x 30"

Light Through the Clouds 24x36  370  199

"Light Through the Clouds"

Thunderhead 30x46 1992  copy.jpg

"Last Rider"  

Under the Wide Open Skies 40x80 ____ .jp

"Texas Sky" 

In the Davis Mountains 24x36 1989     co

"Davis Mountains" 

"Green Pastures, England"   30" x 40"

Under a Texas Sky 24x36  71 1975  .jpg

"Under a Texas Sky"


"Late September"   30" x 40"

Sunset (teepee) 20x30   1976.jpg


Spring is in the Air  1983 .jpg

"Spring In the Air" 

Ripples on a Pond  18x24 2008 .jpg

"Ripples On a Pond"  

Approaching Storm 30x40 1978.jpg

"Approaching Storm"   30" x 40"

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